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200mm (8") Subwoofer, Single 4 ohm Voice Coil 200W RMS


This small subwoofer can fit into more vehicles without a sacrifice in performance. Progressive spider provides better control at excursion limits and reduces woofer distortion. Hi-roll rubber surrounds provide exceptional cone edge suspension and long-throw linearity with the proper amount of control and stability at excursion limits. Vented pole pieces provide additional cooling to the motor structure, resulting in an increase in the subwoofer's thermal power handling capability.

* 200mm (8") Subwoofer
* 200W Power handling, RMS
* 800W Power handling, peak
* 30Hz 400Hz Frequency Response
* 91dB Sensitivity
* 4 ohms Impedance
* Polypropylene woofer cone
* Single 4-ohm voice coil
* Vented polepiece
* Hi-roll butyl surround
* Reduced-depth proprietary frame
* 112mm Mounting Depth

Price $: 149
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