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The Alpine DHA-S690 is a 6-disc DVD changer that allows you to play your CDs and you’re DVDs. It offers superior digital playback from a 24-bit digital-to-analogue converter that delivers audiophile-quality sound to your car stereo. 

The DHA-S690 will handle about any format you throw at it — it plays regular CDs or DVDs, or either format loaded with MP3, WMA, or AAC files.

The changer connects directly to any Alpine Ai-NET in-dash receiver, or it can operate as a stand-alone unit, sending its signal to your system through its RCA outputs.

Its compact design and adjustable mounting allows you the flexibility to fit the changer in some glove compartments, centre consoles, and rear compartments as well as mount the unit horizontally or vertically.

 When connected to a compatible Alpine Ai-NET headunit, the DHA-S690 DVD changer can be controlled using your Alpine headunit's controls. The Alpine DHA-S690 comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control for wireless operation of the 6-disc DVD changer if your Alpine headunit features a remote output. In addition, the Alpine DVD changer comes supplied with an IR repeater which allows you use the changer as a stand-alone unit and control the unit from the supplied IR wireless remote when connected to another manufacture's multimedia headunit or monitor. The DHA-690 DVD changer offers the following playback controls through your compatible Alpine headunit or the changer's supplied remote control. - See more at:

Price $: 999
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