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F1 3 Way Components

Just as we’ve done with every other component in the system, we’ve cut no corners in the final stage. The ring radiator type tweeter realizes exceptionally precise low-distortion sound and ultra-high frequency response thanks to its linear diaphragm movement. The center phase plug focuses the waveforms for accurate sound imaging and staging. The painstakingly crafted cross-cut wood fiber cone for the mid-low speaker, is made from a carefully blend of five different kinds of wood fibers. In order to reduce unnecessary resonance vibration, the cone has cross-cut grooves to trap resonant frequencies. This results in minimal dividing resonance vibrations and peaks in the sound. In addition, the ultra-high-precision passive network lets you correct for phase difference and make meticulous time difference corrections to compensate for speaker position. With over 1,000 different tuning combinations, the system can be customized and optimized for absolutely any vehicle. The crossover also provides bi-amp/ tri-amp capability for even greater system flexibility and sound tuning.
Features & Specifications
  • Type:  3-way separate
  • Speaker Unit: 3.9 cm tweeter with ring radiator, 10 cm mid-range woofer with cross-cut wood fiber cone, 18 cm woofer with cross-cut wood fiber cone / 3-way crossover network unit
  • Frequency band width: 35Hz – 60kHz
  • Peak power input: 200W
  • RMS input: 50W
  • Impedance: 4Ohms
  • Weight: 2 kg (woofer) / 0.55 kg (mid-range woofer / 0.4 kg (tweeter)

Price $: 3999
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