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V-Power Amp 4 X 90W RMS @ 4OHM


Outstanding audio performance — you expect it when the amp is an Alpine. Alpine's V-Power amplifiers supply the high level of performance you want without shaking loose too much of your hard-earned cash.

The MRP-M650 mono amplifier will power your subwoofer with 400 watts of power. Add a second sub and the MRP-M650 pumps out 600 watts — enough power for some seriously "good vibrations." The variable low-pass filter adjusts the frequency output to match your system, while the Bass EQ lets you dial in some extra boost on the lows. A subsonic filter eliminates inaudible, ultra-low bass notes for cleaner output.

The amp's machined-metal heatsink keeps the internal parts cool and distortion low even when you're cranking the volume. Gold-plated screw terminals and RCA connections resist corrosion that can degrade signal performance.

Price $: 549
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